In addition to exhibiting opportunities, we also have a wide range of other sponsorship opportunities which position your brand as a stand-out industry leader during the Hospitality Thailand Conference 2024 #HTC2024

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HTC’s unique format of a mini-exhibition and industry summit provides a platform for all relevant companies in the hospitality industry to network. Sponsorship of this event will not only provide you with a more effective way to promote your brand and showcase your products, but will also give you direct access to senior executives from core key companies in the Thailand hotel industry, meeting your company’s desire for precise customer outreach, In addition, with an international platform for the hotel industry that is uniquely Thai, you will be able to increase brand awareness throughout Asia without having to expand overseas.
Benefit of Sponsoring includes:
  • Highlight your Expertise
    Get the opportunity to enhance your brand identity and values, and speaker in front of the industry’s leading and most prestigious companies at a very
    competitive price!
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    visibility through our

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  • Experience
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    1-on-1 meetings
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The idea of the knowledge and its application conveyed from the school stage, is no stranger to us. However, taken out of the academic context, when facing problems and requirements of a specific industry, how many of us can use that learning? School gives us knowledge, but how much of it can actually be applied in real life?

5th Conference of the International Forum on Urbanism will be informative but laid back two days at the Shanghai Conference Center, featuring 18 speakers from around the world.
No.505 Wulumuqi North Road,
Jing'an District, Shanghai

from $299
The juiciest lessons taught by the smartest people from the best companies in the urbanistic field
Early-bird ticket. Limited to the first 100 tickets.
Full price: $499
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